Brandt's Bat

Brandt's Bat Myotis brandtii [Eversmann, 1845]

(Accidental, resident)

Brandt's Bat Myotis brandtii, Ash Tree © Nigel Milbourne, 2013

The echolocation frequency of maximum energy (FM call) peaks at 46.7 kHz (range 38.0-78.4) with an inter-pulse interval of 88.0 ms (range 56.7-161) and call duration of 3.5 ms (range 1.5-5.0).

Normal weight 5-7g, Forearm length 33.0-38.2 mm, Fifth finger length 40-49 mm, Third finger length 48-61 mm.

Other identification features: Male penis shape and dentition are reliable factors, while tragus and nostril shape may help with identity but are variable.

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Updated 20 May, 2013