Cetti's Warbler

Cetti's Warbler Cettia cetti (Temminck, 1820)

Cetti's Warbler Cettia cetti cetti (Temminck, 1820)

(Very rare R. B.)

  1. One, ♀ not aged, late 1998 (N.R. Milbourne).* See note 1 below.
  2. One, ♀, ringed, Feb. 1999 (W.White). See note 2 below.
  3. One, ♂ not aged, 7th April to 11th May 2000 (N.R. Milbourne).
  4. One, ♂ not aged, 29th April to 4th July 2001 (N.R. Milbourne).
  5. One, ♂ not aged, 2nd-30th May 2005 (N.R. Milbourne).
  6. One, ♂ not aged, 1st April to 17th May 2006 (N.R. Milbourne).
  7. One, ♂ not aged, 28th March to 6th June 2007 (N.R. Milbourne).
  8. One, ♂ not aged, 26th Aug. 2007 (N.R. Milbourne), presumed same 13th Oct. (N.R. Milbourne), & 17th Nov. (N.R. Milbourne).
  9. One, ♂ not aged, 31st May to 1st June 2008 (N.R. Milbourne). See note 3 below.
  10. One, ♂ not aged, 1st Jan.-18th April 2009 (N.R. Milbourne).
  11. One, possibly a 1st-winter, 17th Oct. to 5th Dec. 2009 (N.R. Milbourne), presumed same 27th Feb. to 5th March 2010 (N.R. Milbourne). See note 4 below.
  12. One, ♂ not aged, 26th Oct. to 15th Nov. 2009 (N.R. Milbourne).
  13. One, ♂ not aged, 30th Oct. 2009 (N.R. Milbourne), See note 5 below.
  14. One, ♂ not aged, 4th April 2010 (N.R. Milbourne).
  15. One, ♂ not aged, 19th March 2012 (N.R. Milbourne).
  16. One, ♂ not aged, 13th Nov. 2013 (N.R. Milbourne), presumed same 23rd Jan. 2014 (S. Hale).
  17. One, probable juv. ♂, 18th Oct. 2017 (N.R. Milbourne).

Note 1: A bird seen poorly and heard calling in Long Bay wasn't recognised at first, but subsequent checks at CVL & the Somerset Levels revealed its identity. It was heard the following day at Pipe Bay as well. Submitted to, and bizarrely rejected by, AOG Recorder's committee!

Note 2: Warwick White ringed a bird & has other records from this time involving birds probably breeding around Butcombe Bay and North Shore.

Note 3: A bird recorded at Indian Country/Rugmoor on the first date was assumed to be the same bird heard at Ubley Hatchery the following day.

Note 4: Probably the same as record #11 being heard at Top End.

Note 5: Heard at Home Bay reeds and assumed to be different to record #12 which was regularly heard at Pipe Bay.

Given that Cetti's Warbler's Cettia cetti breed regularly at Chew Valley Lake less than 3 miles away, they are surprisingly scarce at Blagdon Lake. It is probable that they were knocked back by the hard winters at the end of the first decade of this century, and that has resulted in fewer records since. I have included all records that I have come across so far, but welcome others that may have been made, hopefully with where they were seen or heard around the lake.

Bibliography (sources of information)

  1. Milbourne, N.R. personal diaries.

Updated 3 January, 2018