Marsh Tit

Marsh Tit Poecile palustris (Linnaeus, 1758)

Marsh Tit Poecile palustris dresseri

(Very scarce R)

It seems that the Marsh Tit Poecile palustris has become genuinely scarce at the lake, so I'd like to gather as many records since 2000 as I can to see if this is actually the case. I have changed its abundance at Blagdon to Very Scarce on account of the few known (to me) sightings in the last few years. If you can add to these, please send your records for inclusion:

  1. One, 13th Aug. 1967 (S.E. Caola).
  2. Ten, 9th Aug. 1972 (per A.H. Davis).
  3. One, 8th Sep. 1979 (S. Curtis).
  4. One, 13th Aug. 1990 (G. Hudd).
  5. Two, 19th Dec. 1992 (A.H. Davis).
  6. One, 15th July 2006 (N.R. Milbourne).
  7. One, 20th Jan. 2007 (N.R. Milbourne).
  8. One, 14th April 2007 (N.R. Milbourne).

Andy Davis wrote in his paper "one observer recorded this species on 24 occasions during 118 visits, 1965 to 1983, and another saw it on 9 occasions during 66 visits, 1963 to 1973... From the few records available one gets the impression that this species was commoner in the 60s to mid 70s than of late."

Whilst I concentrate mainly on water birds when I visit, I should have many more records of Marsh Tit than I have in the last 10 years if they are still as common today as they apparently were 50 years ago. Has anyone else seen or heard any since 2000?

Bibliography (sources of information)

  1. Davis, A.H. Birds at Blagdon Lake 1963-1983. Bristol Ornith. 18: 102-116. Bristol Ornithological Club.

Updated 13 February, 2013