Bird Info

Over 250 species of bird have been recorded at Blagdon Lake


If you wish to read species accounts and details about occurrences of rarer species, then look down the site list and click live links. The list is constantly being updated as I research published information.

Special mention must be made of A Bibliography of Somerset Ornithology written by David K. Ballance and printed privately in an edition of 25 copies, Minehead, 2004. It has proved an invaluable resource during my research putting this section of the website together. Bird information is under continual revision as I write the species accounts and links (underlined) allow you to delve deeper into information that I have written so far. If there is no link, then there is no information as yet. However, I have chosen to publish material about the avifauna of the lake as I discover it, rather than wait until it is complete (if it ever can be) in order to provide a service to birders but please note all information provided in this section is subject to copyright © Nigel Milbourne, 2014.

Updated 7 December, 2016