Temminck's Stint

Temminck's Stint Calidris teminckii [Leisler, 1812]

(Extremely rare vagrant PM)

Temminck's Stint Calidris teminckii, Kalloni Saltpans, Lesvos, Greece © Nigel Milbourne, 2009


  1. One, juvenile, 5th-9th Oct. 2001 (N.R. Milbourne et al.).
  2. One, juvenile, 17th Oct. 2002 (unknown), presumed same on 21st Oct. (N.R. Milbourne), 2nd Nov. (unknown observer), and 1st-winter, 5th-10th Nov. (unknown, N.R. Milbourne et al.).
  3. One, juvenile, 18th-25th October 2015 (K. Hall et al.).

The first lake record was quite probably present on the evening of 4th October when I counted 16 Little Stints Calidris minuta at dusk in front of the Lodge. There were still 16 birds present on the morning of 5th October, but in better light I was able to see that one was a Temminck's Stint!

At present, I do not have details of the finders of the second record on 17th Oct., or 2nd & 5th Nov. 2002. Can anyone help? The last date recorded in Avon Bird Report 2002, was the 10th November when I last saw it, however, Simon Isgar maintains it was still present for a day or two afterward but he, presumably, did not submit his sightings.

Ken Hall spotted a small wader on Sunday 18th October 2015 that was distant and unidentifiable. The day after, he and a number of local birders were able to obtain closer views and identify the bird as a juvenile Temminck's Stint. It was mobile during its stay and, therefore, elusive for much of the time.

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Updated 18 November, 2016