(Western) Marsh Harrier


(Western) Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus [Linnaeus, 1758]

Marsh Harrier C.a. aeruginosus

(Very rare PM, SV & WV.)

  1. One, not aged or sexed, 29th April 1992 (J.G.)*, one, immature ♂, 25th May (R.M. Andrews). See note 1 below.
  2. One, immature or ♀, 26th Aug. 1996 (P. Knee, S.N.).
  3. One, juvenile, 29th Aug. 1998 (N.R. Milbourne).
  4. One, juvenile, 25th Aug. 2002 (N.R. Milbourne).
  5. One, juvenile, 20th Sep. 2003 (N.R. Milbourne).
  6. One, immature or ♀, 10th Jan. 2009 (N.R. Milbourne).
  7. One, juvenile, 25th May 2009 (N.R. Milbourne).
  8. One, adult ♀, 8th-9th May 2011 (I. White, N.R. Milbourne).
  9. One, juvenile, 8th Aug. 2011 (N.R. Milbourne).
  10. One, adult ♀, 30th April 2013 (N.R. Milbourne).
  11. One, juvenile, 23rd Sep. 2014 (M. Johnson et al.).
  12. One, juvenile, 20th-21st Aug. 2018 (N.R. Milbourne, A. Davis et al).

See Note 1: This sighting was recorded in the Top End diary, but I haven't managed to discover who the initials belong to. Presumably, the record was not submitted to AOG for consideration. An immature harrier was first seen at Chew Valley Lake on the 26th April and various other dates to 25th May 1992, so it seems quite reasonable to assume that this was probably the first sighting of a Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus at Blagdon.

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Updated 20 August, 2018