Bugs List [2016 Revision]


Here is a list of Bugs recorded at the lake. The site list is based on those given on the British Bugs website which I refer you to (see Bibliogrpahy). There are nearly 2000 species of Hemiptera in the UK so, like many other groups, there is plenty of scope to add to the site list - we have but scratched the surface!

All records are my own unless stated, so any inaccuracy is entirely down to me. If anyone has records they'd like to include, please contact me and I will insert and acknowledge them accordingly.


Heteroptera (True Bugs)

Sub-total 21 spp.

Auchenorrhyncha (Leafhoppers, planthoppers, froghoppers, treehoppers & cicadas)

Sub-total 9 spp.

Psylloidea (Psyllids)

Sub-total 0 spp.

Total 30 spp.

Key to abundance:

Bibliography (sources of information)

  1. British Bugs website

Updated 6 July, 2017