Plant Galls List [2016 Revision]


Here is a list of Plant Galls & Causers recorded at the lake. This follows a new version of the gall causer checklist, in group order, based on the 2011 edition of British Plant Galls. It was created by the book's authors, Margaret Redfern and Peter Shirley. There's more information and the checklist is a free download on the British Plant Gall Society website. All records are my own unless stated, so any inaccuracy is entirely down to me. If anyone has records they'd like to include, please contact me and I will insert and acknowledge them accordingly. As there are over 1200 entries on the BPGS checklist, there is clearly plenty of scope to add many more records to the site list. I shall add species and photo links in due course.

Total 42 spp.

I also have a photograph of what might be a Gooseberry Gall caused by the gall wasp Andricus grossulariae on Pedunculate Oak Quercus robur. This is to be verified.

Key to abundance:

Bibliography (sources of information)

  1. British Plant Gall Society website

Updated 15 February, 2017