Green-winged Orchid

Green-winged Orchid Anacamptis morio (L.) R.M.Bateman, Pridgeon & M.W.Chase


Green-winged Orchid, Pumping Station © Nigel Milbourne, 2010

The Green-winged Orchids are one of the highlights of Spring in the meadows around the dam end of the lake from April through May. Green Lawn, Long Bay, Life for a Life Memorial Forest, Pumping Station, Butcombe Bay (including the public All Saints meadow), and North Shore all play host to this species in varying degrees. It's worth looking for the several colour variants that occur from the usual purple, shown above, through shades of pink to white. Most years there are many thousands of spikes across the site. The species is shown as being present on the BSBI Distibution Maps and in the 2000 Bristol Flora, although not in all the squares shown here.

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Updated 6 December, 2016