Shoreweed Littorella uniflora (L.) Asch.


Shoreweed, Butcombe Bay © Nigel Milbourne, 2016

This curious plant still occurs over a reasonably sized area of several square metres towards the head of Butcombe Bay on the Butcombe Shore when checked in 2016. Being a plant that favours oligo- and mesotrophic waterbodies, I was surprised to see it looking in such rude health. According to the 2000 Bristol Flora, it was found at Blagdon in 1922 by by H.J. Gibbons. There are three sites mentioned for the plant in the 1912 Bristol Flora, all in Somerset, although the nearest was on Blackdown, just above Blagdon village, from 1904-1908. It was recorded there again in 1974 by Mrs J. Appleyard (Somerset Flora, 1997).

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Updated 6 December, 2016