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Portrait Seal of James Milbourne taken from an indenture dated 1807. Click on Bust to enlarge

The purpose of this site is to publish a history for one branch of the Milbourne Family Tree.
Initially, it will focus upon descendants (and their immediate family) of James Milbourne,
(Carver, Gilder, Glass-grinder, Picture-frame, Looking-glass and Toy Manufacturer) and his wife, Mary Brydon.
(Please note: only descendants carrying the name of Milbourne, plus their spouses, are included)

Married on 29th July 1770, at St Leonards, Shoreditch, they established a business at 221, Strand, London in 1773.
Mary was born circa 1746 and died in 1809, at 7 Salisbury Place, Locks Fields, Walworth.
James was born circa 1745 and died in 1826, at 42 Green Street, Mayfair, London
Both were buried at the rear of Wesley's City Road Chapel, London
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Updated 15th January 2018